Tying The Knot With AKA

Our Vows to you : Promising to make it the most beautiful & memorable day for you & your guests & us for years to come. Deeply committed to making your Big day stress-free & SO pretty. Solemnly swear no one leaves without a hangover!(Just kiddin’) 

Social Events

AKA takes pride in being able to offer tailor-made event solutions for our clients whether you are celebrating turning Sweet 16 to a crazy Bachelorette to a cute Baby shower, we cover it all. AKA creates unique concepts that push the envelope and engage guests, but still reflect your personal tone, quirks and style

Corporate events

As a full service event production and management company, the AKA team are well placed to look after the design, planning and management of your corporate event requirements. Our comprehensive solutions, based on your corporate strategy, create impact that lasts far beyond any single event.