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Charming and inspired; quirky and sophisticated; traditional yet modern – the AKA client is all of these and so are WE. As your event planner, we bring your vision to life. AKA is an event management & wedding planning company based in Bombay (yes, we still like to call it that!). We infuse every event with style, personality, and individual quirks that delight and inspire. We bring the "OMG" factor to your event and that's why we are A Klass Apart.

Divya & Neha are almost poles apart but it's their differences that complement and bring out the best in each other. These two talented and creative ladies independently operate AKA : A Klass Apart which was formed in 2009.

AKA offers clients anything and everything – nothing is impossible – everything is achievable. From event design, florals, props, scouting destinations; even helping brides & grooms with yoga sessions and beauty tips – Think Everything and AKA can do it. Vibrant, innovative, sophisticated and stylish are the key features we keep in mind when putting together a new event.
Stuff We Love ...
Skyping with our brides
Fun photobooths
Champagne for every & all occasions
Sunsets by the beach
Midnight walks & talks
Anything vintage
Pizzas with jalapenos
Destination events
Hearts & more hearts
Thinking Pink
Fashion Statements
Love Quotes - bring on the Mush!
Spa's - nothing like Pampering yourself
Environmentally friendly stuff - we are nature lovers
Stuff We DON'T Love So Much ...
Typical ballroom events (so boring!)
Delayed payments
NOT Candid Photographers – they are a must-have at any event
Goof Ups
Power Failures - we don't need more stress
Not having an event flow
Delays in general
No shows!
Stress - no brainer there!
Meat - we love animals, birds & all living things